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The Final Battle...

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Art art :E

G: Akane by StefBani
:bulletgreen: My Artwork :bulletgreen:
Akane pixel by StefBani

Destined by ann4rt Light of a New Destiny by ann4rt Secret Exchange: Alvarie by ann4rt

Free Panda Bear Avatar by zara-leventhal
:bulletgreen: Trinity Goddesses :bulletgreen:
Trinity Goddess with Watercoloricon by zara-leventhal

.::Free icon-Miku::. by Mimru
:bulletgreen: Lost Bird :bulletgreen:
my first daily deviation is on this piece, i love you guys <3 miku icon by Mimru

::Free icon - Sailor Moon:: by Mimru
:bulletgreen: Our Light of Hope :bulletgreen:
because we all love the princesses of justice :] smoon icon by Mimru


Oct 24, 2016
5:47 pm
Oct 23, 2016
2:19 am
Oct 20, 2016
11:29 pm
Oct 20, 2016
5:35 pm
Oct 18, 2016
12:35 pm


Questions and Answers: Ask me anything! Go! 

45 deviants said :D

Emergency Sketch Commissions CLOSEDDDDD **UPDATED

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 2:34 PM

Hello everyone! This is about 6 months ago and I finally got to read my inbox. I completely understand that some of you may be irritated, frustrated, or just mad because it has been so long and I have been missing in action. I did get a job and am a manager for a local game store now. I work over 40 hour weeks. I have not been able to do any art, hardly my own. If I were in your shoes, i would be frustrated as well (I still have people from 2 years ago oweing me art that I paid for). If you wish to continue to wait, I will do my best when I get to yours. If you wish for a refund, please message me.

Like I said, I work over 40 hours a week. I am not very good with organizing my time and am working very hard in trying to do so so I can provide art again like I use to. I do not mind you leaving me negative feedback and or frustrated messages. It is something that I will accept. However, sarcasm is not needed. I rather people be honest about their thoughts of this.  Thank you again for waiting and tolerating with me.

I do mark my words and when I say I will work on it, I will.
Other than that, I will be in Anime Weekend Atlanta. See you guys there if you are attending!


My paypal is
PLEASE leave a msg with your username so I know! Thank you! I will start drawing today at work xD


Hey all, just like last time, clean sketches are:

$10 each, single character, digital! I am opening 30 slots.

Limit 2 per person! Paypal only! Please send it to with a note/username

First come first serve. I will do a livestream of these once most are received :) Thank you!

Please msg me/note me the char!

4. Sir-Frog
10. mary skidmore 
11. mary skidmore

1. Shade-arts *paid
2. Aeraellyth *paid
5. HatterRose *paid
6. PandanaLove
7.Shanyume *paid
8.Shanyume *paid
9. adam blackwell *pad
12. madwon *paid
13. madwon *paid
14. freefall42 *paid
15. freefall 42 *paid
16. Viragora *paid
17. sami-fire *paid
18. sami-fire *paid
19. Yunuyei *paid
20. goddess-of-the-moon1 *paid
21.goddess-of-the-moon1 *paid
22. D3zzydezz *paid
23. D3zzydezz *paid
24. HatterRose *paid
25. SilverAngel907 *paid
26. steve huckabee *paid
27. theNekk *paid
28. theNekk *paid
29.Sybil-chan *paid
30.Sybil-chan *paid


C: Mikaela by ann4rtC: Eternelle by ann4rtC: Sailor Eta Carinae Prime by ann4rtC: Maua by ann4rt

Journal Skin by Gasara ; Images by ann4rt


:bulletgreen: anna zhuo :bulletgreen:
Student | Digital & Traditional Artist | CRAZY | United States

I like cheesecake, Sailor Moon, and stuff (´ε` )♡
I don't only do sailor moon art. I do all types of art!
(/゚Д゚)/ Please do not ask me to commission you or why I don't.
Please do NOT ask me to advertise for you.
Please do NOT ask me for requests or art trades.
Please do NOT beg me for something...
YOU WILL BE IGNORED. You have been warned.

You can also support me via stamp! These are gifts from lovely friends, Ayachi-chan & StefBani :heart:
PC: I Support Wickedz!!! by Sir-Frog Support wickedz stamp2 by TenshiNeera

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:bulletgreen: art status :bulletgreen:
Commission icon by Hunibi

Free Commission Closed Button by Hunibi

Kiriban: CLOSED
Commissions: CLOSED

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:bulletgreen: follow me :bulletgreen:
Just don't stalk me D: If you do, I will make sure your life is hell.

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:bulletgreen: idols and inspirations :bulletgreen:
Artists that I idolize and inspire me!
This includes photographers and cosplayers.

:iconlaverinne: :iconsakimichan: :iconhellobaby: :iconbory-einfrost: :iconclaparo-sans: :iconnaschi: :iconredjuice999: :iconxmegalopolisx: :iconyayacosplay: :iconzemotion: :icontrichardsen: :iconnao--ren: :iconecthelian: :iconartgerm: :iconsinvia: :iconmeodualeo: :iconkandasama: :iconwen-m: :iconekaticat:


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Custom box background by heliolu
Bow divider by CookiiesPWN
Akane Kazumi pixel by StefBani

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle


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